Greek PagePerah Istar is a documentary about pigeons, one of the most controversial animals in the world.

In ancient times, it was considered the bird of fertility and love (Perah Istar, the Semitic word for dove, means the bird of Aphrodite). The three main monotheistic religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity venerate it.
In the Middle Ages it became the symbol of peace; Picasso’s Paloma gave the symbol to the peace movement.

How come that today it is considered a ‘rat with wings’ or a city parasite? What happened to this small domestic bird, highly esteemed for its virtues and long admired for its beauty? Why so many people hate pigeons or are scared to death of them, although others love them with affection and some times obsession?
The indisputable fact is that man is forced to co-exist with pigeons in modern cities.

Believe it or not, in Athens thousands of people breed pigeons on their rooftops for aerial performances or for races. This is an extremely popular hobby in the islands, in Central and Northern Greece too.

What happens when wild pigeons decide to build their nest in one of the most important ancient monuments in the world, the Parthenon/Acropolis? Will archaeologists win over pigeons or is it a lost ‘war’?

Modern magicians make a dove appear out of a newspaper or a cloth. Few know that ancient oracles were associated with doves, even established by them like the oracle of Dodona!

To be honest, when we started the research for this documentary, we never though we would find so many different stories and we hope that after seeing this film, you will never look at a pigeon the same way again!


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